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God's Eye was adapted to film by Caroline Brandes from a short story by German writer Wolfgang Borchert. Borchert died in 1947 of his war injuries at the young age of 26. The subject of God's Eye is timeless, even though it is set in WWII. It deals with the absurdity of war and the suffering of civilian's as a result. It questions the existence of a God who lets war happen.

The main characters are a deeply religious mother, whose husband and sons are fighting at the front line, and her youngest son, who stays at home with her and asks questions about war, life, death and God in an innocent way only children can ask.

The story captures a moment where the son and his mother are confronted with the grandfather's death. The answers the mother is giving to her son´s questions about death do not satisfy him. This leads the boy to question God personally. God, in the child´s understanding, is present in the cod eye that is swimming in his plate of fish soup about which his mother has just taught him "...that eye belongs to God just as yours do."

Screenplay, production & Cinematography: Caroline Brandes
Director: Laurie Little