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Cut Out

"Cut Out" is about a young college student who lives in a Chicago neighborhood that is experiencing the influence of gangs. Allie has become friends with neighbor Belshi, a prince of the street. Their friendship brings Allie to the brink of gang violence.

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Taco Mary
When atheist Rob sees the image of the Virgin Mary in his taco, he finds himself in a quandary. June, the owner, sees nothing wrong with the taco and won't remake the taco or refund his money. Maya, the cook, sees the Virgin Mary and customer Jayson wants to sell it on E-bay. When Rob makes a deal with June, he questions whether or not he did the right thing.

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Jane loves to go to Marianneís Beauty Salon with her mother. Itís a crisp November day in 1963, and the salon is buzzing with energy and music while Jane looks through her favorite magazine. Suddenly the television delivers tragic news into this safe, happy place. Jane tries to make sense of a moment that opens her eyes to peril in the world, a historic moment that has come to symbolize the loss of innocence in America.

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A Day On The Force

A Day on the Force: Women's Professional Tackle Football, features Chicago's first pro-tackle women's football team. This upbeat, humorous film chronicles the challenges and triumphs of the Chicago Force, the newest member of the Independent Women's Football League.

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God's Eye

God's Eye was adapted to film by Caroline Brandes from a short story by German writer Wolfgang Borchert. Borchert died in 1947 of his war injuries at the young age of 26. The subject of God's Eye is timeless, even though it is set in WWII. It deals with the absurdity of war and the suffering of civilian's as a result. It questions the existence of a God who lets war happen.

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Lonewolf is a psychological drama about a young woman's discovery of her brother's mental breakdown. As Nathan spirals into the world of schizoid delusions, Celia desperately tries to "reason" with him without setting off a time bomb.

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Disability Pride Parade

Disability Pride is a film about a community fighting to be seen and heard, to be acknowledged as able and proud.

The film weaves 'on the street' interviews with verite footage of the 6th Annual Disability Pride Parade to convey human experiences that promote the belief that disability is a natural part of human diversity and can take pride in its heritage and culture.

The parade, held every year in Chicago, is the first of its kind in the world and people travel far and wide to attend the event. The filmmaker's hope that this film can persuade more people to attend and show their support for Disability Rights.